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July 02, 2009



can't tell you how pleasurable it was to have spaghettios at my friend's house. that delightful meal in a can was not allowed in my mother's kosher kitchen. everything tastes better when it's off limits.

i doubt a life of crime is his future. i'll let you know what our kid chooses to steal first.


You can't blame the boy for being a subject of intense marketing study - you know, how they put all the sugary, colorful items right at kids' eye levels and the expensive items right at adult eye levels.

And, I agree with Deborah.


Is it wrong that I am laughing?


It's like Jurrasic Park, you can try to control it but life will always find a way.


I stole a tin of cinnamon (the spice) from the grocery store when I was five. I LOVED cinnamon flavored candy so imagine my surprise and joy when I saw a whole CAN of it on the shelf. I knew my mom would never buy it for me because it was way too expensive so I pocketed it and then crawled under my bed to eat my loot. Imagine my surprise, and dismay, when I realized that cinnamon the spice is NOT cinnamon candy. And then my mom found me under the bed.

I think I was so pathetic with the powder all over me, and the disgusted look on my face, that I didn't even get in trouble.

And no, I did not turn to a life of crime. As far as you know.

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