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June 11, 2009



happy birthday, joe and congratulations to you for the inspired birthday present. what a treat for you to watch him conquer fears and frustrations and become the master of the climb.

and i love that photo of him screaming!!


You are a good mom. Really good.


A perfect gift for Joe and a great moment for the two of you.


What a wonderful gift! I read this with a lump in my throat. I love the first picture of Joe, too. You can see the present Joe in that little face.

Martha Ann

What a beautiful post. Such a gift to teach your child he can master his fears. Love you, Bop


happy birthday to your climber :^)


Awwww that baby crying pic is just wayyyy too cute. Hope you won't mind if I save it as my wallpaper. I promise I'll take good care of your baby and never abuse him k ?

познакомлюсь с моряком

now I stay tuned!

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