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May 27, 2009



did you watch the Impressionists mini-series on PBS last year? Worth watching if you get a chance....

Louise Feddema

Love this artist -- I teach an appreciation class for seniors in my area -- the curriculum can be tough sometimes. One student told me that he always can identify Mary Cassatt - the majority of her paintings depict a mother and child. MC= mother and child MC=Mary Cassatt. When one gets a better 'eye' you can usually identify her work because of her bold use of white - her accurate depictions of people and clothing -- with bold, 'casual' slabs of color.
As a woman she had an advantage over the male artists in one way. 'Nice' women would not pose for an artist, they surely would not allow a man to watch her do motherly or ordinary duties. Nor would they let artists just sketch or paint their children. Mary was just one of them.

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