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February 12, 2008




and here:



All I know is that you can not -- CAN NOT -- take the children with you on your tenth.

You just can't.


What Angela said.


My favorite vacation has always been going to Turkey. I'm not sure I'd go now though.

I've been wanting to go to Portugal lately. Argentina and Croatia sound good too.

So hey, don't take your kids, but can you take me??


Go somewhere sexy...Greece, Italy. They're sexy, right?


Those photos of San Fran and Bermuda are making me cry with envy.

If you like tropical, and Hawaii is too far, the US Virgin Islands are amazing. We stayed in St. Thomas and took a ferry to St. John's. We didn't make it to the British islands (forgot our passports) but they are supposedly more beautiful than St. John - which was very beautiful.

Aruba is nice if you want to do nothing. But, from there Venezuela is a boat ride away.

Aaaah, Italy. Mmmmm, Greece.

It's been so long since Rob and I have been on a grown-up trip that a vacation to Long Island sounds exotic.

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