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March 26, 2009



I gain so much from you. I will be adopting BOTH the fantastic pancake recipe as well as the word "crappity"!


You can claim all you want that the current nature boy pancake recipe is edible; I'm afraid I was so traumatized by the original recipe that I'll probably never be able to bring myself to try the new improved version.

Angela Wolff

Yes, Texture Girl, namby-pamby, fluffy, white pancakes it is for you! XO


Those look so good! And, who doesn't love breakfast for lunch or dinner?
I'm impressed that you had flax seed meal, cornmeal AND dry buttermilk powder. Know what I have in my pantry? Pancake mix.


Well, I bought the flax seed meal special for the recipe. It keeps pretty much forever in the fridge.

Did read somewhere that you can substitute FSM for oil in many recipes (forget the actual conversion), but haven't played around with that for some reason. Would be good for those trying to lower their cholesterol or otherwise up their Omega 3s.

Buttermilk powder and cornmeal are staples!

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