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September 21, 2008


Angela Wolff

Ummm... I see a beautiful peony being pollinated by a bumble bee. Am I blind? Or is that the wrong picture?

Or is my basic understanding of entomology all wrong?


Angela, I thought it was a bee when I took the picture. And chances are good that it was but...the next day we all saw a HUGE, FUZZY spider in its web right near that bush and I began to wonder if the bug in the flower was a bee or not. The pictures I added of the spider in the web are from its underside - and maybe not the same enormous aracnid but I don't want to get any closer to find out!

Angela Wolff

Oooh, nice web pics!

And for the record, I love Granddaddy Long Legs! At least that's what we called them. I used to let them walk all over me as a kid.

Sorry. I know that grosses you out. he-he

Angela Wolff

Oh, and what kind of flower is that? It looks like a peony, but I guess not if that's a recent pic.


I took a long walk yesterday morning and saw the most amazing, huge web covered with dew from the fog. I'm bummed I didn't have my camera!


It's amazing what these little creatures can produce.

Angela, it's a rose of sharon. My peony never stay upright and it makes me sad. This year I got no hydreangea blooms - what's up?

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