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May 08, 2008



But the "Have a Nice Day" part must have made you feel good...

To think it's more expensive in other parts of the country...


Delivery prices are going up as a result of gas prices. One of the local pizzarias now charge $2 for delivery - which I think is wrong because there's no way they're using 3/4 gallon of gas for a round trip to my house.

Who's running this country until the next President is sworn in? No, seriously.


It cost me $50 to fill up the beetle last weekend. THE BEETLE! It has a gas tank the size of a postage stamp.

Meanwhile, the oil companies are posting record 1Q profits for 2008. Not at all related, I'm sure.


Oh, I thought you were upset cos they don't know how to spell "Fuel."


Nice Liz!


it's $8 a gallon in germany...

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