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May 27, 2008



Yeah I remember we saw Bjorn or Bork or whatever her name was on saturday night live singing that "whoa-a-a-ay-ay-o-ah" song and were like, "whoa" and ran out and bought that cd but then ended up not listening to it all as much as we thought we would except sometimes too late at night and too loud every so often we'd put it on. I think she went on to do collaborations with like giant moths or something after the sc's (no we didn't really ever call them the sc's) broke up.


Explain to me how there was a post with this title and I didn't get a notification. Argh, typepad!

I just heard that song from the latest ipod commercial the other day and really liked it, but hadn't had a chance to go find it yet, so thanks.

And I loved loved loved that Sugarcubes album (yeah, I said it, "album") when I was younger. And then I just clicked on the songs and thought, ah, I still really like them.

I don't even want to tell you what I've been listening to, it's too embarrassing.


butter a bagel?

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