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April 27, 2008



Oh fun! I haven't been in years. Don't you wish life was like vacation?


Ah, reading your post made me relive the trip. It was so nice! Sorry we didn't get to meet up even though we went to all the same places! Great photos...We downloaded ours but haven't done anything with them.

Who couldn't love sunny mild days all the time? I do wish life were a vacation...esp coming back to gray clouds and rain.


Wow, so jealous. Sounds like you guys packed in a lot - Great pics! I love legos and can't wait to see lego land for myself. I guess the kids would like it, too...

If you guys visit again you can say "We're goin' back to Sandy..." LL Cool J reference...Get it?

Shama, isn't it ironic that it was in the 80's here while we were in SD? Doesn't matter...I'll take 65 in SD. And yes, it was a bummer that we couldn't meet up. Maybe we can try again!!!


That's a lot of freaking legos.


Yeah, I heard it was nice here while we were gone. But I agree about the 65 in SD any day over NJ!

Yeah, a LOT of Legos. Next to each item, they had a sign saying how many Legos are used in the creation of the pieces. Something like 16 billion legos are made annually...blows my mind.

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