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March 08, 2008



I hate the whole Spring Forward, Fall Back thing, but at least with Spring Forward my kids don't wake up at 5 a.m.


I wish we would just spring forward and leave it there.


I don't mind the "Fall Back".

"Spring Forward" does NOT save energy!?! I coulda told you that. Obviously, we still turn on our multiple computers, TV's, recorders and charge our cell phones for the same amount of time. But with Spring Forward, we add an extra brew to our coffee makers, thereby wasting more electricity. It's a lose/lose situation.


Here's a good one for you. And by "good" I mean embarrassing for me -- and horrible for Joe:

Today I was sitting in front of my computer, just goofing off really, nursing Miriam, and thinking, "OK, in about an hour I need to go get Joseph."

Then the phone rang.

It was school. "Mrs. Wolff, you didn't come pick up Joseph."

Oh - MY - GOD!

All of our clocks set themselves. All but the one on my computer, apparently.

Poor kid was sitting there all wide-eyed and quiet when I got there. When I told him I didn't mean to worry him, he said, "I was just trying to figure out why you were killed."



I love Fall Back, it makes me feel like a morning person (for about a week)...hate Spring Forward, hate Spring in general, it's way too manic for my tastes.


OMG, Angela. Poor little Joe. At least we now know that he's calm in the face of tragedy.

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