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March 23, 2008



I only watched AI when I was in Florida at my mom's, but that David Archuleta kid that they're talking about got on my last nerve. Holy annoying!

Why is Anderson Cooper on Regis and Kelly?


I couldn't even watch the entire thing--what a couple of idiots.


"Our Daily Ripa"??

I still love the AI.


Does anyone remember Kelly from Dance Party USA in the mid 80s? She's always been a STAR!

When I watch AI, I seem to mostly feel exactly opposite of the judges.


I don't get the hate for Anderson. Say what you want about Kelly, but don't diss Anderson.


And Sharon, I don't remember Dance Party USA but does anyone remember The Mole?


Ah the Mole. Was Kelly on it? I'm confused.

Really how can anyone not like American Idol? I honestly can't comprehend it.


Kelly wasn't on the Mole, but Anderson Cooper was. That's the first time I remember seeing him.

I read on wiki (so a reliable source) that Mensa called it the smartest show on TV. Not sure I can agree with that, but I liked it.

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