Who are these people?

  • Kris
  • Angela
  • Alicia
  • Jung
  • Sandra
  • Liz
  • Michele

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March 23, 2008



This is wonderful. "Living by the Water." They've got my number. Is it shallow to want your life to look like J Crew?

I loved "Dinner Parties", "San Francisco" and "St. Patrick's Day" and I love some of the comments. Particularly white people who are offended.

I want to read more but I wont be able to stop...


I only skimmed the list (I will have to devote a few hours for the entire blog) but this confirms that I'm a Twinkie.

BTW the "Asian girls" post has THE MOST comments by, like, 1800. Seems like there's alot of people with Yellow Fever.


I was just in the Starbucks in Millburn, and you've never SEEN so much "outdoor performance clothes" on so many people _not_ about to go hike in the woods.

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