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March 05, 2008



"It also fits into McDonald’s larger corporate practice of catering to local tastes, such as a fondue-style burger in France or a pita-wrapped “McArabia” sandwich in the Middle East."

McArabia???? Seriously, that's what they're calling it? And into what are they dipping the fondue sandwich?


"And into what are they dipping the fondue sandwich?"

Maybe some of that nasty corn-syrup laden "caramel" that they give you when you order the apples (excuse me, apple DIPPERS) with the kids meals. My guys are always like, "What's this?" I'm like, "I don't know - I think they put it in by accident" and then I throw it away. I try to tell them not to include it but they still do. It's like it's physically impossible in their McUniverse to give you anything healthy. 'Ok, we'll give you apples, but you have to take a side of crap to dip them into. You HAVE TO."

And yeah, "McArabia". What the fuck? Can't they call it McPita or something? Wonder what they're cooking up for those McAsians. The McBuddha? Good lord. No wonder the world hates us.


Isn't it funny how we read the same article and I only absorbed the restaurant design aspects?

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