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February 18, 2008



This is the kind of thing I could never watch. I used to make fun of it. I was all "it's not a sport. The only thing worse is Golf or Duck Hunting."

But if you say it's cool then it must be. Also I watched that Danica Patrick race a few years ago and that was pretty exciting. If they build a track in Jung's hometown, I'm in.

Hope you and the boys have a great time in FL. I really was hoping for a nice big snowfall this winter. But, as long as you're down there, bring some springtime back with you, OK?


I'll try anything once. But if they build the tracks on the dumps, then forget it. Methane gas and carbon monoxide exhaust sounds like a deadly combination. If it's not built on the dumps or if it's gas mask day, then I'm in!


Two words: EAR PLUGS.

I worked cash control once or twice in Richmond (I knew a guy who ran the on-site ticket booths). On my break I decided to walk out to the stands.

It was L-OUD! And very windy.

And totally red neck, btw.

But, you know I'll go anywhere you girls go.


Kris is so very red neck.

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