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February 15, 2008


Jenn C.

I have been seriously wondering the same thing - what the HELL is Congress doing concerning itself with this?


Yeah I wasn't really paying much attention to it at all but it just keeps going on and on in the news and it took a while for it to dawn on my that these were congressional hearings. So anyway I brought this very same question at work up the other day and the answer I got had to do with baseball's special antitrust exemption.


Oh and also, watching Congressional hearings is the new national passtime.


Last week I spent three hours in class listening to the deplorable conditions in detention centers where asylum seekers wait (sometimes for years) for a hearing on their case. Foolishly wondering why this is allowed to continue - I turned on NPR to realize that they aren't doing anything because members of congress prefer to get their rocks off (and probably autographs) grilling baseball players. Nice priorities. Argh!


As Chris Rock likes to say, "THIS IS ALL TO GET YOUR MINDS OFF THE W-A-R."

And the media always like to bite on something new - unless it's Britney, in which case, they're all up her...you know what.


Sharon, that is deplorable. It's such a damn shame.



Seems like a stretch. And there was mention somewhere of members of the committee geting autographs. Seriously?

And, I'm with you Liz. I don't AT ALL understand how even this seems to be falling down partisan lines.

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