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January 16, 2008



Yummy. That looks delicious.
I've been using a recipe off the internet (for a crock pot) that uses italian sausage and zucchini. I'll have to try your recipe! Do the kiddies eat it?

Aside from the IWS, the only other soup I make is with the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers. I should expand my repetior.


Soup! Love it this time of year. I made a cauliflower soup and a bean soup recently. I wasn't crazy about the bean one--but that was from one of those Bean Cuisine packages. Not sure I would try those again. The other one was good. The next soup I want to make is IWS (my fave! and the kids love it too!) so thanks for posting this.


Soup. Bread. Wine. Yum.


That looks great. I've made chicken noodle soup about 5 times this winter, but that's about it.

I might have to try this! Thanks...


OOooooooh, I love Italian Wedding Zupa! Although usually I open a can of Progresso. Yours looks much better.

Shama, Bean Cuisine keeps making me laugh.


I just noticed that Santa is watching over the cooking pot. He IS everywhere! Creepy.


I made this last night. Yum!


Potato Soup is my comfort fod fave, and sooooo easy:

peel and cube potatoes, put in pot, cover with water, add a couple of teaspoons salt, and throw in a couple of eggs to hard boil while the potatoes cook.

boil for about 10 minutes, remove eggs and add a glass of water with a couple tablespoons of flour mixed in to thicken the broth. Meanwhile peel and slice the eggs.

When soup reaches desired thickness, toss in eggs and add some butter.




Jung - He sees you when you're cooking. He knows when you order in.

This all of course begs the question: why does Michele have a disembodied Santa head on her stove?


I collect disembodied Santa heads.

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