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December 18, 2007


Cynthia Wolff

I'm Angela's sister-in-law, it's really scary some of the inherently sexist stuff about Hillary. How about her sounding "shrill." Here's a great link about Chris Mathews asking whether she has "castrated" the men stumping for her. http://mediamatters.org/items/200712180002


I agree that the "media" has gotten worse. I hated the mud-slinging and was immediately turned off by any candidate that would resort to finger-pointing versus addressing issues and ACTUALLY answering a question. I'd now rather hear good ol' fashion mud-slinging over this crap. This new circus is another reason the rest of the world has a low opinion of Americans.


Issues are SO BORING. Let's talk about Jaime Lynn Spears...


Better yet, let's make JLS into an issue! Then we ARE talking about the issues again! Yay issues! Yay us!

Think about it, we can do this with all sorts of things.


I think one of the reasons people are so focused on her laughter, or cackle as they call it, is because it seemed like she started laughing all the time about 6 weeks ago.

And I guess because it started happening a lot, people noticed it and wondered if she was advised to soften her image by laughing more.

The sad thing to me is that it's a negative for a woman to serious. I mean, I would hope that any person, man or woman, who wants to lead a country would be pretty serious and intense. But no, if you're a woman, you have to be smart as a whip but non-threatening at the same time.

What was Thatcher's nickname? The Iron Lady?

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