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November 02, 2007



What's up with the "this video is no longer available"?



Everything you write reminds me of how very smart and funny you are. You make me laugh even though I always take you very seriously.

Also you have great taste in music. And boots. And you're doing one heck of a job raising your daughter to value inner beauty. I'm certain she will grow up to be as indepent, smart, funny, kind, cool, hip, talented, well-dressed and serious as you.

So glad you got your ipod back!


I couldn't agree more with Sandra, who herself is also amazingly witty and extremely intellectual. How do you do it?


And what's amazing is how, solely based on these comments, I can tell how smart and funny both of you are, as well as extremely hot....


Kris, My video still worked when I did it. Yours didn't?

You can go to youtube and look for "Two Seater" and "Bowling for Soup" or some variant thereof, and you should find something.


Whew. I was afraid that my extreme hotness wouldn't come across in email/blog form.

Side note: Did you see the Daily Show last week when one of the "reporters" had a segment on FLILF? He explained uncomfortably to Kucinich's wife, "It's an acronym...and it's a palindrome. Your husband would be a FLILF chaser." Hysterical.


What's a FLILF?


First Lady I Like To Fuck.
I'm pretty sure the Daily Show writers made that one up. Genius.

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