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November 21, 2007



Sounds delicious!

I'm not really cooking anything because I'm going to my in-laws. I have decided to take cornbread stuffing, though, 'cause I'm a southern girl and that breadcrumb sh** just don't do it for me.

I tried this once about 10 years ago, and tried to make it with chicken livers in it the way Mom does. Abysmal failure! But my cousin gave me an easy "recipe" -- no liver involved -- that I have made since, and yummmm!

Hope the weather holds out for you!


Mmmmmm...cornbread stuffing. Yes, my bag stuffing is cornbread! And I am going to saute some celery and onion to add, so it's not totally pathetic.


I've never seen bagged cornbread stuffing! Maybe I just never looked because I assumed all bags were of the breadcrumb variety.


Sounds fantastic! We used to go to the parade w/my Dad every T-day when I lived in Tenafly and it's one of my favorite memories, next to sharing Thanksgiving with a certain family wearing napkins on our heads. Okay, so the parade is my favorite sober memory.

What am I cooking? Nothing. Why else did I marry X? Actually, we're going to mom and dad's. Mom's rule is that people bring "whatever means Thanksgiving to them" that way we get a huge sample of traditions. To X, it means sushi and cornbread/oyster stuffing, so that's what he's bringing. My dad is in charge of the Wild Turkey (oh yeah - there was the year that X drank about 1/2 the bottle and didn't make it to dessert. That was classic too). I'm in charge of kids. M has a fever of 102 and E got 5 shots yesterday. I might be bringing a bottle of WT all for myself.

BTW - easiest way to cook salmon is to wrap it in tinfoil; throw on some white wine, lemon, and dill; and bake in a 350 degree oven for 10' per inch of thickness (usually about 20 min). I am dying to try your carrot recipe. It sounds fantastic.

Love to all from us.


Turkey stuffed with apples and onions IS THE BEST! Always juicy, and not too over powering (like oranges). I didn't cook this year so maybe I'll make a turkey this weekend...

The asparagus sounds yummy. But my favorite T-Day veggie is candied yams. Maybe it's no longer in the veggie food group when you slather it with butter and marshmellows but it's so good!

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