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November 30, 2007



Hey Liz,

While I have heard of most of the bands, I hadn't heard of the mag, so thanks for that link. Based on the music, I certainly share it's sensibilities. My feelings for Bruce have taken many turns over the years (it's a complicated relationship, albiet in my head). And I really WANT to like Arcade Fire, I really do. And I enjoy some of their songs, and their "wackiness". However, I watched them on Austin City Limits and it was sort of like watching an indie version of Spinal Tap. Or Spinal Tap meets Chumbawumba meets John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band.


Sharon - you just made me laugh out loud. I saw that same Austin City Limits. Hmmmm...they (Arcade Fire) are interesting, no? That one chick was fascinating. After the third song about (I think) soldiers dying or some such thing, I had to turn it off though. They were a little depressing - I thought they were Irish but it turns out they're from Canada. French Canada, which is why I couldn't understand a goddamn word they sang.

On another note, who knew Dinosaur Jr. (#98) was back together?? Sweet!


Oh, and I haven't seen a single movie on their Top 50 List. Maybe that's because I haven't been to a movie theater since Alicia and I saw Brokeback Mountain (and she cried like a girl). Or was it when Liz, Jung and I saw 40 Year Old Virgin? I can't remember - it was THAT long ago. I think I want to see Sweeney Todd, because Tim Burton directing Johnny Depp as a maniacal singing barber? What's not to love?


oh, I'm a total sap when it comes to movies. Have you guys seen Ratatouille? It's a total tear-jerker.

The National--I love them, but wouldn't put them at the top of the list--their songs are good but there is really nothing AMAZING going on there.

The whole list was pretty limited--it's like they went on amazon and searched for "highest rated alt-rock" and typed up a list. Not a lot of surprises there...


and yes, I did not understand the type surrounding Children of Men, and you know how hard I tried to like that movie.


Sharon -- I probably will be stoned for saying this, living in NJ and all, but I've never gotten the love for Bruce. I just don't.

And I can take or leave Arcade Fire, frankly. I like them fine but if I put on a CD, the whole thing sounds like one long song to me.

hmmm.. funny, if that was their criteria for their list (going on amazon and searching for best alt-rock), I'm kind of okay with that. Cos, hey, it came up with a lot of stuff I liked, and I know I'll like a lot of the other stuff as a result.

And Ratatouille -- I've seen that movie a couple of times, and I think it's, you know, pretty good (for a kids movie) but I had a conversation with someone who told me they thought it should be nominated and even win for Best Picture. I mean, really? I can't co-sign _that_.


and yes, ps, i totally wrote that whole Ratatouille rant just so I could throw in the phrase "I can't co-sign that."

It makes me laugh.


I loved Bruce as a tween because those of us in our acid-washed jeans, work boots and mullets just thought he was speaking to our dirt-bag selves. Then I went to HS and college and rejected everything that was my pretty decent childhood. Then, in adulthood, I've revisited some of his music and found something more than just nostalgia. I get the images he's painting, etc etc. His people are my people and now I appreciate them. But most of all, I love love listening to him talk about music. And there just is something about his blue-collar, everyday poet thing that works for me. But I completely understand why someone wouldn't care for his stuff.

Funny thing is that during my most anti-Bruce days, I met him randomly walking on my block in Montreal and gave him wrong directions back to his hotel. It was about 9 am and he was in all leather.


That's funny, I had a similar trajectory with Bruce--I still have pretty vivid memories of listening to him with my older sister in the 70's. I had such a crush on him.

And then, like you said, he wasn't cool enough for me, until someone GAVE me a ticket to one of his shows in the mid 80's and it is easily the best live performance I've ever seen. So he was like a secret, guilty pleasure until I stopped caring so much about being cool. I think I've stopped caring about that?

We should all go see him!



Did you give Bruce the wrong directions on purpose?! 'Cause that's cold, girl.

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