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November 06, 2007



Did you have hundreds and hundreds of European Starlings on your lawn? We had them in the spring and it freaked me out. (Of course I never knew the name of them until just now.) Too close to a Hitchcock movie.

Some birds are very pretty. But I don't trust a single one.

Old people hobbies sound good.


First ... you are just too funny.

Second ... You know how we got the f-ing European Starling? Some nutjob decided to introduce to the US every bird ever mentioned in a Shakespearean play. Now we've got these obnoxious birds everywhere.

I hate them.

When we were kids my sister used to feed the birds all winter. She'd keep a chart of all the different birds we saw, dates, etc. It was a lot of fun. I've tried bird feeding here a couple times, but the starlings, sparrows and squirrels usually drain our feeders so quickly it's not worth it.

Oh, and FYI, the hot pepper powder DOES NOT keep the squirrels away. It ruins the trees.

Little fuckers would just eat the birdseed and pepper until their tongues started burning, then they'd gnaw into the tree until it oozed sap, lick it up to cool their tongues and then head back to the feeder.


I'm glad you mentioned the crazy blue jay (twice). Snoop, our cat, is attacked by them every Spring simply because he's a cat, and they have babies to protect.

One year (I swear I'm not exaggerating) he had bloody gashes on the top of his head from being pecked. I guess he got too close to the nest and 3 or 4 would swoop down and attack him.

I also saw several blue jays go into a nest and kill baby birds of a different species once. You might say they're territorial.

I could go on and on, I think birds are so cool.


oh and btw, white-breasted nut-job is going to make me laugh all day.


Those Blue Jays are nuts! Killing baby birds? I'm going to coin some new slang using the concept 'crazy like a Blue Jay'.

As in, "She STILL thinks I'm messin' with her man. Bitch is crazier than a baby-killin' Blue Jay."

OR "I cut that guy off and he went fuckin' Blue Jay on me!"


We have birds?


stop it! my stomach hurts!


>>As in, "She STILL thinks I'm messin' with her man. Bitch is crazier than a baby-killin' Blue Jay."<<

Were you thinking of me when you wrote that?



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