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October 03, 2007



Don't even get me started on the pee sneeze. I should own stock in Poise.


I cannot stop looking at those weights. I just don't get it.


I'm not familiar with the "pee sneeze"...thank god for the c-section.


and what's Poise?


Poise are the pads you wear to protect your underwear from the pee sneeze. Seriously? You don't know about this?


I just feel so much stinkier after giving birth twice. As if now that I've procreated, my body is rotting away.

And Alicia, you lucky mother, I had c sections and still get the pee sneeze! And the pee laugh and the pee cough. Haven't graduated to poise, but have the handy dandy liners in place just in case.


I don't know...it wouldn't surprise me if I was peeing my pants everyday and just not aware of it.


Poise Pads. Cruel name I think. Becasue it's things like the pee sneeze that make me feel like I have no slef-control, no dignity, no poise...


I am also perplexed by the vagina dumbells. What will they think of next?
BTW, shouldn't Week 4 be "Period: lie in bed in fetal position until Week 5"?


Do you think they are covered by insurance? And imagine if your job is making them. Really, that's a depressing life.


More depressing than wiping asses and being screamed at by munchkins?


I just had a "pee gag" this morning. Good stuff. I was brushing my teeth and hit my tongue wrong, gagged ... and then had to go change my clothes!

I have NOT been good about doing my kegels.

And, btw Alicia and Sharon, "they" say that strain on th pelvic floor muscle comes from the pregnancy itself, not the method of delivery. Alicia, I would guess that your complete obliviousness to the pee sneeze is due to your very early delivery as opposed to the C-section.

In my childbirth education class I seem to remember getting the advice to do kegel exercises everytime you're stopped at a red light ... from now until forever.

And, fyi, it's supposed to have benefits for things other than just ending the dreaded pee sneeze, though you would think that would be enough for me to remember to do them, no?


Anyone hang upside down lately? I tried this on our swingset a few months back and can I just say - that felt wierd! Like my uteris had slipped 5 inches down towards by lungs. Anyone? Anyone?

Now I've said too much...


There must be something to C-sections b/c I've never had a pee sneeze, cough or laugh...

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