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October 09, 2007



Ugh. Scott Stapp is everything that is wrong with "rock" music.


To be fare I don't think I listening to any music for the lyrics. But still I loved this article. I should be doing many other things besides reading it.

I liked the police in MS & HS but hardly listened closely to the lyrics. Would people love Sting if he looked like Andy or Stewart? I can kind of forgive Duran Duran - a case of the lyrics being beside the point becasue mostly 13-year-olds are listening.

I knew Alanis Morissette had to be there. Great voice and one, maybe two, good angry songs. But all those songs about ex-boyfriends in excrutiatingly dull detail - direct quotes make very bad lyrics.

Also - I HATE RUSH. So much. I think it's more the lead singer's voice than the lyrics, however. Being a male born in the in his late 30's Chris kind of likes them. When he puts them on I'm convinced he's just trying to ruin my day. I HATE RUSH.

And Scott Stapp. I never knew what to make of people I met who liked Credence.


See, different strokes...I think Stewart is way sexier. Maybe I'd like Sting if I found him attractive, but really, what kind of man names his album "The Dream of the Blue Turtles"? Gay.

But this Scott Stapp dude kind of discredits himself by having so many great lyricists on the list--Bernie Tauphin and Carly Simon? Who _does_ he like?

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