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October 11, 2007



OK. Leaving the hospital early is one thing - but blogging less that 24 hours after giving birth. Amazing!

Really? So Soon? Indeed.


No, see, I wrote it last week and had Liz post it for me tonight. I'm crazy, but not THAT crazy!

(Thanks, Liz!)


No problem Angela. Though I think it's kind of a lame excuse to not post yourself....


Ok, I totally love the muppets. That scene in the writers room - Monster is such a riot.

You can keep the Finnish polka - I only lasted about 20 seconds with that. Minä pidän pavuista.

And, are the Teletubby folks on acid? Or just pot? Because, they're certainly on SOMETHING. And I don't think my kids need to be watching this shit. On the other hand, if people want to share...

KIDDING! I'm Totally Kidding, all you future employers!

Also, what I said above in Finnish: "I like beans". Go to this website: http://www.kisa.ca/finnish-phrases.html
...and you will learn some very valuable stuff.

Oho! Tota noin.. Eihän se vaa ollu' sun ajokoira?


Angela, give me some of what you're on.

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