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October 26, 2007



If you were going to come home for anything, 30 Rock is it. I friggin LOVE that show. And, it was Tina Fey who cast Alec Baldwin. She had him in mind and had Lorne Michaels make the call. Honestly, you HAVE to watch Inside the Actor's Studio with Alec Baldwin. It aired last week so I'm sure they're running it non-stop. Alec's (yes, I've just decided we're on first name basis) impression of Tracy (Morgan) is "pee in your pants" funny.
And why haven't you watched Carpoolers? Honestly Liz, what could possibly be taking up your time? Let's focus, shall we?


No, but seriously. WHICH BOOTS??

Alec Baldwin's impressions is what made Thursday night's episode so incredibly funny. He a funny funny guy.


I think the second pair is sexier, but the first pair looks more comfortable. I don't know about either of those shoe makers though. I have a pair of Enzo Angiolini chunky heel/square toe knee high boots that I bought in '99 that are super duper comfortable and still look good after all these years. And when I was working I wore them constantly. They are really well made and have held up great.

Ok, I'm going to break down and watch this 30 Rock. Tracy Morgan kind of gets on my nerves, which is why I probably haven't watched it before.


Alec's impression almost made me pee. That may be my new favorite 30 Rock moment. My original favorite is when he's filming the promo for GE. Remember when he couldn't remember how to walk?

Tina Fey is my new idol.

Wheat's up with the office? Are they trying too hard. I hate to say this but not as funny as it once was...


I fell asleep during the Office. All those one-hour episodes must have worn me out.

Girlfriend, you got a J.O.B. Get them both.
At least to try them on. This is why I can't buy from Zappos...I need to touch and try shit on.

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