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October 05, 2007



Dude, just buy it already.

I don't have any suggestions for new music. I listen to what my kids want in the car, because it keeps them happy (i.e., quiet). These days it's Gwen Stefani's Sweet Escape and also, Low Rider by War. Who knows? They love it.


Yeah I know I should. I'm a big loser.

Really that whole intro about the iPod was just a way to start talking about new music. It seemed really sparse when all I had was "So what music are you guys listening to?"


Low Rider. I can't even count the ways in which that is awesome.


On second thought, maybe you DON'T want a new ipod...




The Nano sucks.


I'm still sorry about your iPod Liz, I can't help thinking that it's up in Vermont in that little cabin somewhere.

I've been listening to lots of new stuff lately...well, new and old.

Jesca Hoop-Kismet
Air-Talkie Walkie
The Shins-Wincing the Night Away
Blue Nile-Walk Across the Rooftops (this is from '83)

Now go buy that iPod!


Do you want a nano? People are always giving Frank ipods and nano's and shit..and I think he has one here new and lonely....


Oh, Michele, thanks, that's really nice of you. Let me think about it. I really should just go buy one, but maybe in the meantime, I could borrow one or something.

Who knew I knew people would just have extras lying around?? That's so funny!


I'm in the same boat since mine died, and I still can't bring myself to get a new one.

But, here's some music I like... just a few.

I am really liking 50 Foot Wave (that's Kristen Hirsch's new band in case you were wondering).


You can download a bunch of FREE songs from http://www.throwingmusic.com/freemusic/ for your nonexistent iPod.

I also like Dressy Bessy.


In the category of bands that don't have a chick for a lead singer, I recommend Big Strides.


... and Ted Leo & The Pharmacists...


And I always have to make a pitch in vain for MC Frontalot...



Oh and BTW Kristen is also a really cool MOM...



Bad link.... here's the other Big Strides one



I LOVE Kristen Hirsch. Back in the day Throwing Muses was one of my favorite bands. I still have Hunkpapa on cassette. It's so very awesome.

And in that video that Bill posted, did you catch where she said she has FOUR kids? And she has a band? She rocks. Also, in that video, she totally reminds me of my old neighbor, Holly Z.


Hey, who knew Ted Leo was from Bloomfield?


I've liked that song Me and Mia on their myspace page for, like, ever. This guy I used to know turned me on to them. I think he does podcasting now, but it's late and I can't really find what he was doing, you know, over a year ago. Good taste in music though.


I was hoping I would find a live take of "Ghosts" and here it is.


I have a bunch of Ted Leo I could share with you - all legal downloads. I found out he played the South Street Seaport in August... so sad we missed it.

Bishop Allen also played there at the same festival. Of course we missed them too. This is the band we had tix to go see in the East Village some time ago and had to bag I think because Will got sick.

Oh and I really really need to share this freaky Man Man video.


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