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October 24, 2007



I totally remember that hair salon bar! What was the name of that place?

My favorite place to go in the city was this tiny little french place where they only took cash, was byob, and two people could eat for like $30. Gah, what was the name of that place? On like west 4th street? Or close to that.

I was just thinking tonight about how I used to be at work and at like 4, my coworkers and I would just randomly decide to go out for drinks. Does anyone remember doing _that_? Maybe I'm romanticizing but ah, the good old days. Don't have to worry about getting a sitter, coordinating schedules, the train, etc.

That place sounds great Kris. I'm definitely going to try it...


Your description of dinner was making me hungry!
Sounds like you found your new groove.


The hardest thing to imagine is that back then we ever randomly decided to NOT go out for drinks.


Are you sure that you and Carolyn were really in a restaurant that looked like a hair salon, or were you wasted and stumbled into a hair salon?


Jimmy? Are you on Dunner's computer again?


This place is good. I just tried their garlic shrimp with Rice (I'm sure Liz will be running out to try that one) and it was great. The one tray could feed like 5 people for $12! And my kids liked it too! We got takeout but I can't wait to eat in based on Kris's write up. Everyone go at some point so this place stays in business!

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