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October 12, 2007



Finally commercials serving a purpose! My understanding is that ad music is getting better because indie artists want it/need it as a way to get their music out to the masses now that radio is useless. And radio is particularly useless in NYC.

Don't hurt me Liz, but here are my thoughts. Any one of those female artists is great on her own. Throw in Feist and Brandi Carlisle on my list. But lump them all together and it annoys me that they all sound so similar. Care to comment?

And finally, do you listen to wwww.radioparadise.com? Except for the fact that they play Pink Floyd several times a day (I despise Pink Floyd) it is nearly a perfect station, IMHO. You like?


I actually totally agree that they all sound alike in this context (except for that MIA-like one), but I still like them all when I hear them individually.

I've never listened to radio paradise, but maybe I'll check them out. I'm a die hard KEXP fan (kexp.com), but I haven't been listening too much lately.

In other news, I bought a replacement iPod! But now iTunes on my computer can't access my 4,000 songs on my external hard drive. It's a sad state of affairs over here...


Yeah, I think the internet has completely changed the way we listen to music. A lot of artists release things on their own now, or get discovered from their myspace page.

Slowly the middleman or record label is being squeezed out of the equation. I wonder if tv and movies will go the same way.

Regarding the female singer songwriters, I think Feist stands apart from the other singer songwriters, but I admit I do have a girl crush on her.


Yes and I'm partial to Regina Spektor. But I will confess to sending Alicia an email saying, is that Feist on that JC Penney commercial? And she said, no, it's Forever Thursday, but I thought it was Regina Spektor (talking about the FT one). And then I looked it up more and said, oh, wait, I meant the Regina Spektor one.

So, you know, yeah.

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