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September 14, 2007



I of course love Jon Stewart. It's the only reason I wish we had more than basic cable.

But ...

I just can't believe that this is where law enforcement spends its money. Yes, people having _actual_ sex in a public bathroom, bad. But simply trolling for sex ... really I don't have a problem with it. There is an elaborate sequence of point-counter-point moves these guys go through to find willing participants, and if the policeman hadn't made eye contact or "bumped feet" back, it never would have gone anywhere.

His political career is obvioulsy toast, but I personally hope he gets them on entrapment.

This is an old dude who really didn't have the viable choices about "coming out" etc. that people do these days. And he wasn't one of these really horrible anti-gay gay guys. I just feel sorry for him and his family.


That's the sadest part about this - that people feel so unable to be themselves.

I'm at Cafe Meow at the moment - I'll wait until later to watch this with the volume on...


I saw this the other night and cried laughing because R.Kelly singing in his storytelling fashion is so perfect for this "report".

The moment of zen at the end of the show was the Senator doing an interview back during the Clinton Lewinsky scandal and him going on and on about how dirty and naughty Clinton was. Hhhmm.


Here's the link to the R Kelly hip-hopera, "Trapped in the Closet," that Michele was talking about.

It's absurd. Good stuff.



hip-hopera! That's awesome!


There was a good op-ed piece about this by Frank Rich in the NYTimes today. (I can't link to it, b/c while the site is free, you still have to log in to view it). But it's worth reading.

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