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August 13, 2007



I LOVE books like this.

I also love etiquette books, especially the ones that give instruction on how to be a "lady" or a good wife.

Oh what a miserable failure I am by these 1950s (and, YIKES, sometimes 60s and 70s!) standards.

One of my favorites is a book that was given to each "girl" as she created her bridal registry at the local department store. Good stuff.


Lileks' website has some fun illustrations and photos. I'd love to see the book. Sounds great.
Just curious, did anyone have a Hope Chest? What goes in it?


What goes in it? All your hopes, dreams and aspirations, never to be seen again after you enter the soul-sucking, mind-numbing world of suburban marriage and motherhood. Maybe one's sorry ass can be buried in it.

Wait, did I say that aloud? Whoops! Only kidding! Ha ha ha! Everything's great!


Ah yes, hope chest AND coffin. I love multi-functioning things.


My favorite part of that book (which I only looked at briefly) was a recipe that called for "adding 7-Up as required." His caption? "7-up is NEVER required."

It still makes me laugh...


Very funny. I like the one about Knox Gelatin:

But what is Gel-Cookery, exactly? You'll find another example from the early 50s in the Misc section; that might explain. Although it probably will not. Simply put, Gel-Cookery was a process wherein simple foods were suspended in a chilled solution of horse-hoof powder. Imagine meaty Jell-O as the main course, and you get the picture. Best of all, it built strong fingernails..

Speaking of the life of a woman/mother in the 50's has anyone seen Mad Men on AMC? The clip that hooked me showed two women smoking in the kitchen while their kids played in the other room. One was pregnant. When one girl entered the kitchen with a plastic bag on her head her mother gave her a stern talking to - to make sure she hadn't dumped daddy's drycleaning on the closet floor. The lead-in song is Amy Winehouse "You Know that I'm No Good." Awesome.

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