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August 01, 2007



Either those side dishes were really heavy or Sandra's been pumping iron--she's ripped!

Regarding dinner, I guess I let myself off the hook in a big way over the summer. I think we've grilled burgers 10 times in the last few months. Is that bad?


Hey guys - anyone else tried Dinner at Home on Springfield? It's great. It's really just a take out place, but they have rotating menus - mostly ethnic. The owner, Mintze Huq, is a former PRospect/current Tuscan mom and super nice. She's Taiwanese and her husband is from Bangladesh, hence the ethnic menu. Anyway, sign up online for her menus - dinnerathomenj.com. We've only had the Indian food (several times) and it's been wonderful. You have to call ahead, but she'll deliver to your house if she can, or come out to the car when you pull up. Seriously. She's so nice and I'd like to see this business take off.


I just checked her site, she sounds great, thanks Sharon. I might look into taking one of her cooking classes, they sound good too.


Dinner at Home is good. I loved her Chinese and Indian and southern.

I did like Dinnersmith's BBQ. I was so so on their fish. Liked the chicken nuggets. Haven't yet tried the Southwestern strata. Do you defrost that first before cooking? The steak I wasn't crazy about--quite a let down after hearing people rave about it on MOL. I'd try the place again though.

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