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August 08, 2007



OMG, those clothespins are HOT! Why you make them so sexy?

Also, you really make me laugh:

"All you need are round top laundry pins, markers, yarn, fabric scraps and a hot glue gun."

Oh, of course. I have everything right here! Exactly what planet do you live on? JUNGupiter?


Yes, that comment made me laugh too, Kris...

I think you (Kris) are my soul sister. On the other hand, those are some very cute clothespins.

I suppose I should try harder. All I need is clothespins....

P.S. What is this Goodnight Show??


Yet another idea I will surely steal from Michele! If I can find those clothespins.

Really, you don't want a wind chime made of plastic spoons?


I have boys....


See, these are the types of things I _thought_ I'd be doing with my kids. Hannah's too young, still, I guess. And Joe, who is definitely my crafty one, doesn't really like to take direction (I'm thinking of blogging about this, so no more elaboration now).

Oh, and I'm tired and a little lazy by the time he comes home from school. But I'll just blame it on his lack of interest in direction. (-;


Oh, we'll be making some of these...they are very cute. And so is Lucia.

But I'm sure Lars will decorate his to look like Sonic. Is it easy to find that type of clothespin? I only have kind with springs.

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