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July 17, 2007



That's got to be a joke, right?

If you are interested -- and I know you really aren't -- somewhere I have this book.


I'll be happy to dig it out if you want to borrow it.


Wait, you returned shampoo????


Is this bkkgirl a scientist?

Liz, I've been feeling your pain. Maybe it's the summer sun, but my hair is a mess. It was behaving better with the Fresh shampoo but my sample bottle is EMPTY! I guess it's back to Sauve for me.


Yeah, I don't know what to do with my hair. The Redkin is okay but I don't love it. I bought some Body Shop Honey Shampoo and bees followed me home. I'm not even kidding about that. Bees. Followed. Me. HOME.

Actually the best thing I've done recently is use this Neutrogena Deep Conditioner, but you can't use that too often. And then you have to use clarifying shampoo eventually or it will get too much build up. Sigh. The problems I have...


Yeah, I have to say I think I am going to return my bottles of Smooth Infusion...didn't love them the way I loved the Damage Remedy shampoo and conditioner from Aveda. The curls stuff is just good but not as great the DR. Kim did tell me I need a 12 step program for Aveda...


Wait you ALL return shampoo? I didn't even think that was possible.


I return shampoo/conditioner when it cost $40, yes.

I'm also trying to utilize the CVS policy of 100% satisfaction on beauty products and return some Rusk shampoo I bought and don't really like. Unless anyone wants it?

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