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July 01, 2007


That doesn't look like me -- I'd kill for hair like that. And look at those perfect eyebrows.

But hey, if _you_ think it looks like me, I'll take it as a compliment. She's cute. AND a model.

For those of you who haven't heard this story, I'll make it short. I had a friend once who suggested I do some modeling when I was pregnant, because it was all the rage then -- real pregnant women modeling instead of the fake bumps. I made some comment like, "Oh I've always thought I had a pretty good body but I've never been that crazy about my face." Her response? "Oh yeah... they can photoshop that."


I haven't noticed the owls, but that's probably because I can't get off the Sephora site.


I have owl sneakers and an owl sweatshirt. Obviously I think I'm 14.

I went to Renegade last year and it was dreamy. I got Toby's "squirrel playing snare drum" shirt there, and lots of fabric, and some other very cute things. I desperately wanted to go this year, but it was Father's Day weekend. I lost the "what should we do this weekend" discussion pretty quickly.


ok good, I'm just glad that someone else noticed the Owls. I mentioned it to Kurt and he just stared at me.


I love that story Liz - I remember so well the first time I heard it. At the gas light (remember when we used to go there). It was a babysitting co-op "get-together-for-drinks-thing". You told that story and I laughed out loud. 4 years later it's still funny. Sorry your friend is so mean, though.

I want to go to Renegade! Because I need to spend more money on projects I'll never finish. But seriously I want to go.



Oh yeah, we don't talk anymore.

The story still makes _me_ laugh though too, so...

Road trip to the September Renegade show in Chicago, anyone? Michele, can't you get us a bus?

(I _loved_ Toby's shirt, btw, I totally remember it.)

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