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July 29, 2007



Sounds like such a great trip - thanks for sharing the photos! Lars took some nice ones!

Was the weather cool up there? I love summer vacations that are cool - at least in the evening.

The yellow "Livestrong" is all about Lance Armstrong and his fight against cancer. Do remember 2 summers ago when everyone was wearing yellow rubber bracelets? He won his 7th Tour de France that year so everyone was jumping on the 'cancer is bad' bandwagon. Of coruse it's still bad but wearing yellow isn't as hip as it was. Did anyone catch the CNN/You Tube Dem debate? Edwards was wearing a 'livestrong' bracelet. It would have seemed like pandering if his wife isn't fighting cancer right now.


Welcome back! VT sounds great.

We friggin love Brian Reegan. Our favorite quote from one of his older routines (about fig newtons) is "No, I can't eat another bite. I'm stuffed to the rafters!". Rafters!
Maybe it's just funny to architects?


Wait, what is all this stuff you took pictures of? A sea plane? Hero's Welcome? A llama? Goats?

I DO recognize the fisheries though. That parking lot still makes me laugh.

I do like that Chuck Klosterman. Hope you enjoyed. I finally started Undercover Economist last night.


Okay, I sort of do remember that during his last Tour de France win.

The weather was often cool at night, especially during our first few days. The cabin had a firepit that we used a few times at night. The weather is unpredictable and changes a lot--you kind of have to be prepared for anything.

Wait, there was a firepit?


That previous post was me.


What a coincidence! I read "The Year of Magical Thinking" when I was at your house while you were on vacation. I bought it in the Las Vegas airport when our flight home was delayed but didn't get a chance to read it on the plane.

I read it at your house - her writing is impeccable and her memories are fascinating, but I find her emotionally flat. When I read her work, I always feel like she's tackling this writing thing as a _job_ and she has to make it _good_, so she does, because she can. But she just doesn't leave anything of herself on the page. And that loses me. I mean this book was all about her losing her husband, her soul mate, her muse. And she described it like she was watching it, but not like she was "in" it, if that makes any sense. And maybe that was the point, but I find it in ALL of her work.

I think she's an incredible Writer, but I don't connect to her on an emotional level.


Kris--that's exactly what was so frustrating for me about the book--thanks for putting that into words for me.

As I neared the end of the book I was surprised, that with the sudden death of her husband (at a relatively young age), and her only child near death in ICU, that she'd never ask herself why the people closest to her were not thriving. I mean, how can a person be in that situation and not wonder about that?

So yeah, it was more like an account of an observer and I think I was hoping for some wisdom or insight from a gifted writer who had just been through this incredibly painful thing.


Wait. Joan Didion lost her husband AND her soul mate? That must have been really hard.


Reading? I remember reading. It sounds wonderful.

Oh and the Year of Magical thinking is now some play on broadway, it's supposed to be great. I thought it sounded like a depressing night.

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