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  • Angela
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July 01, 2007


Do you think people give their real names and addresses?

Also, there's lots of ways to get info on people that don't involve boring BOT meetings. Name and address is easy stuff.

I mean... so I've heard.

Example: try typing your phone number into google. Not only does name and address come up, so does a _map_ to your house.

Well, apparently this only works for some people. I mean, not that I just tried all of your numbers or anything.

Cos that would be weird, right?

Note to self: get a life.

Second note to self: figure out what you guys whose numbers didn't come up are doing differently.


You make me laugh. Can I come over?


P.S. All these comments made the other day were from me. Embarrassingly. I'm admitting it.


No worries Liz. I typed everyone's #'s in too.

What did you have in mind Michele? (wink, wink)


Oh hellow,

This is for Ms. Alicia, but you other ladies can do it if you are so inclined. You have been tagged. Par moi.

It means you gotta go to my blog and read it and see what I'm talking about.

I hope you don't find it too irritating. There are no threats of a short life or financial ruin involved, so I hope that helps.

You ladies are making me jealous that I don't live in Jersey anymore. Cut it out!


Ok, now I totally want to attend South Orange Board of Trustees meetings with Alicia. Bill and I went to a pre-election candidate forum several years back and we laughed so hard when we got back to the car that we couldn't drive out of the parking lot for 10 minutes. We were in tears.

With this last election, we just watched whatever clips people posted on the internet. Also very funny, but there's nothing like being there.

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