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June 27, 2007



I'm totally addicted to Etsy. If you see me with anything with a funky pattern, chances I bought it through etsy. I mean, why shouldn't we all don our minivans with one of these? www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=21416

If that link doesn't come through - it's the prettiest car litter container you've ever seen.

Oh and I also bought my sister a three-pack of buttons with mustaches on them. She LOVES anythign with a mustache. The note that came with the pack actually said something like "we have more mustache buttons coming soon"


Curses on you for showing me all these cute sites!


I spend more time than any human should on epinions.com.

Yeah. I live an exciting life.

Those car litter containers are insane. And by that I mean, I might get one.


When we have that lunch, Liz, I'll pick you up and you can hold on to some trash and try mine out.


Wow! They are cute. Swing by and show me too!


Will do. AND...... they provide a way to recycle my NY Times blue bags. (they are the perfect insert) At this point, that's the most I get out of the NY Times, really. A few headlines, the House & Home section, and a disposal bag for my cute Etsy car trash bag. That's about it.

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