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June 14, 2007



I can't believe that fish is still alive. Way to go!


Oh and I'm not making dispersions on your abilities to keep an animal alive, Angela. It just seemed like maybe the fish wasn't too hearty to begin with...


I just saw a tub of ladybugs at Millstone today! Better go soon - it was the last one! I'm deperately trying to keep my veggie garden up. I had to replace some beans and I got some cucumbers. My lettuce got uprooted by the damn squirrels. I got some dried blood and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Anybody have some extra mint plants for me? Millstone was out.

Go Glub-Glub!!


I've got mint all over my backyard if you want some.


Dried blood now? Piss, blood, what the hell are you people doing - gardening or voodoo?

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