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June 18, 2007



What is WWJD? I'm barely a Buddhist so you can't expect me to know that. But maybe I'll find God so that I can thank Him for saving Paris.


WWJD? = What Would Jesus Do?


Wait.. are there ARE some sort of similarities to being in prison and being in a cage?

Must consider...


wow, I can't type this early in the morning.

How many "are"s do I need, exactly?


This reminds me of the old Dennis Miller joke -- you know, before he became a Bushie -- that went someting like:

"Nobody turns to Christ on prom night. It's only when they've reached a point in their lives that they're so f-ed up that no one else will have them."

Oh, Paris.

Jung: WWJD is short for "What would Jesus do?" For me, it's more appropriate when I'm trying to figure out how to beguile my children with fascinating games and interactive play if I translate it into, "What would Jung do?"

As for the VBS stuff at Oriental Trading is:


I'm not even Christian and it strikes me a highly sacreligious to suck on cross-shaped mints. (Somebody is for-sure getting these for Christmas this year, btw!)


Seriously, anyone out there who hasn't should see Jesus Camp. It's really good.



"I felt like I was in a cage."

Yeah, I guess she is done ACTING dumb.


Thanks for the explanation. I guess that's where the South Park guys got "What would Brian Boitano do?".
I don't think I can watch Jesus Camp. I could barely watch the 5 minutes of the "love and healing" in Borat.


I too have perused that weird section of Oriental trading. Who buys these? Who? Who!!!

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