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June 03, 2007



Okay, HOW did you find those links? Do you Google "Cats playing pool" and "Cats smoking"?
Re: C & poker. Seems harmless until he gets into the online stuff with your credit card. No?


Those cats are snazzy dressers.

Hey, W and M looove playing cards. They're not into the hard stuff yet - just Go Fish, World (War. Long story) and Crazy Eights. My sister is going to teach them Texas Hold 'em when she visits next month. Would C like to come over for a tutorial?

Oh, and "Active Ignoring". Love. You. Thank you for finally putting into words my parenting philosphy.


Jung, that's exactly what I just did!


A plays War, by the way. War. Not any of this namby-pamby "World" crap. WAR! Who IS she?? Does she SEEM like the kind of girl to play War?


IS this what you had in mind?


I would love to see C Teaching E how to play poker. He could -try_ teaching J, but really should just wait for H to get another year on her.

Active ignoring. Perfect.


The kitty pictures made my day...


I haven't even told my children cards exist. Then I would have to play cards with them. And really that would be torture. It's much easier to play Chutes and Ladders 80 times a day. You don't really have to concentrate.


I am NOT into 52 pick-up. That's all it would be with O. And E shows me his cards when we play crazy 8's, so he has no poker face.
Aaah, WAR. I used to play that with my brother for HOURS. Good times.


The pics/posters I was looking for were from the 80's I think - remember the cat dressed up like James Dean? It's totally cruel but still pretty cute. Drawings or paintings of animals are never cute, in my opinion. Apparently that 'dogs playing poker' painting is famous. I have no idea why - it's ugly and stupid.

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