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  • Kris
  • Angela
  • Alicia
  • Jung
  • Sandra
  • Liz
  • Michele

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June 06, 2007



Wait, that's not how everyone learns English?

(I LOVE the Campus Sub Shop - but not as much as Zach Braff.)


I want to enamel the kid's tub. Is this a good thing? Is it expensive? Has anyone done it?


Ooops wrong entry.


holy shit he's cute. Zach Braff, not the armed robber. Regarding the other one, why are the Japanese so strange? I mean, I like it, but wow, who thinks this stuff up?


Jung suggested I get my tub re-enameled because it looks like, seriously, they tried to paint (?) it or something. It's bad. I'm going to call probably next week, and I'll let you know how pricing is, etc.

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