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June 03, 2007



Your comment about what superpower you would want made me remember one of my favorite Dr. Katz episodes ever:


"Hi Aquaman!"

Oh yes. It still makes me laugh.


What potluck? Hmm....

I would fly. I want to be able to fly so badly. And if I could have one ability it would be being able to sing and play music.


Before we had our ACs installed in the walls, we used to play to same "don't want to ruin the cross ventilation" game. We'd try to ride out each heat wave. I came home one day to find my husband sitting fully clothed, but soaking wet on the hammock. "You should try it," he said, "It's much cooler this way." I actually turned the hose on myself and joined him. He was right, it was much cooler, but it was also the point at which I realized we were insane.

Re superpower: I'm with you on Samantha Stevens, but I don't want to have to run really fast to clean up. I just want my stuff to pick itself up. Ahhh, special effects of the 70s.


I heart AC.

Thanks Liz. I forgot all about Dr. Katz! I loved that show.

Yeah, and what female supeerheroes do we have to admire? Wonder Woman (see Dr. Katz clip), Batgirl, Wonder Twin who turns into an aminal (???)with the most annoying monkey, Catwoman (wait, was she super villian?), Bionic Woman (yeah, give me a bionic ear so I can hear my kids better. NOT.), Plastic man's wife - did she have a name?- came back in the Incredibles as Elasta-girl (who knew stretching was a super power), who am I missing?
Maybe this is why I like that Heroes show so much. The cheerleader who regenerates and can't be killed, the super-strong, kick-your-ass Nicki, Illusion girl, and ...who am I missing, Liz? I will say the Internet connection girl sounds really lame on paper but supposedly, she's HUGE with the online fanclub.

Is Samantha on BeWitched the best TV can do for women? Most likely, they didn't want to make a show about my best power...SuperNAG.


That's Hana Wireless to you, Jung. http://heroeswiki.com/Hana

And I can't believe you're not mentioning Buffy. She counts, right? She kills vampires.

Wow, I miss that show.

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